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Steel Drilling Service

Steel Drilling Service

With a twist drill bore on the solid material processing method called drilling.

General processing of size tolerance level for the IT14 to IT11,Surface roughness Ra value is 50 ~ 12.5 microns.
Steel Drilling Size:High precision CNC steel drilling machine can up to tight tolerance.
Tolerance : ±0.02mm Max drilling thickness : 100mm
Max drilling diameter: 50mm
The big equipment including Drilling machine, Milling machine, Boring machine, Combination machine tools .

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Steel Drilling Service
Steel Drilling Service
Steel Drilling Service
Steel Drilling Service

Drilling Process

Commonly used drilling machine are: bench drilling machine, vertical drilling machine and radial drilling machine.

The most popular drilling machine is radial drill ,Spindle box can move on the rocker arm, and with the rocker arm round pillar of rotary drilling machine ..Rocker arm also can move up and down along the column, in order to adapt to the different heights of work pieces.Smaller artifacts can be installed on the workbench, the larger the work piece can be directly on the machine tool base or ground.Radial drilling machine is widely used in single piece and small batch production, the volume and weight of the larger work pieces of drilling.

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